Director | Producer

AXIOM is an award winning music video director based in the NYC area, he is a long time collaborator of Chris Brown. Breezy and AXIOM created visuals together for 2011 Grammy award winning R&B album F.A.M.E, on F.A.M.E Axiom responsibilities were to help bring to life Beautiful People and Should’ve kissed you. Through the success of the visuals, AXIOM was given an even bigger opportunity to write and direct the first three singles for Chris brown’s 2012 Album Fortune. Both men co- created with Production giant Riveting Entertainment music videos for Sweet Love, Til I Die, and 2012’s MTV VMA Award for Best Male Video “Turn Up The Music. It was that video AXIOM created a name for himself, since recent memory T.U.T.M has been describe as one of the best dance music videos of the modern era.

Today AXIOM continues to create visuals for industry professionals in the music entertainment and commercial advertising field.